Our Targeted Market


  • Esteem & self-actualization.
  • Breaking through creative roadblocks.
  • Setting goals & expectations that are reachable.
  • Staying focus, on track & meeting deadlines.
  • Turning the idea into the journey.
  • We endorse you to DREAM BIG!
  • We help you with strategic planning.
  • We provide you access to our resources & services.

Receive help identifying your true dream(s), & help with the obstacles that may be preventing you from embarking on the journey of those dreams.  Allow MY REGION WINS! to provide the needed critiques & available resources to better take on those challenges.

Working with dreamers is amazing (it’s a dream).  At MY REGION WINS! the understanding that the dream is to be taken seriously & is a journey to be embarked on is very important.  Being encouraged & inspired to pursue your dreams will be empowering & may have a positive impact on your overall daily life & performance at home & at work.

The philosophy is that inside the mind, body & spirit is the most complete, practical, & personalized game plan of them all.

MY REGION WINS! was created with one main goal.

To habilitate game plans.

I'm a full time employee, nanny, graphic designer, promoter.

 "MY REGION WINS! has helped me understand my full potential upon expounding my knowledge." 

Being a full time employee, animal lover, musician.

“Carl is one of the most motivated & motivational people I’ve met.” 

As a full time employee, newlywed, Artist.

“MY REGION WINS! & Carl have helped me by not letting my creative juices go stagnant, by always providing me with opportunities to be inspired & hopefully inspire others.” 

Being an employee, student, co-business owner.

“Carl is a charismatic leader with an amazing soul & boundless wonders.” 

As a father, husband, full time employee, photographer.

“MY REGION WINS! & Carl have helped me with thoughts & sights in my photography goals.” 

I'm a mother, wife, beautician, crocheter.

“Carl has an excellent ability at helping you realize your vision & brainstorming the path to execute your plan.”