Target Market

Target Market Theory

MY REGION WINS! focuses heavily on these specific groups.  By empowering them the community will become a better place.  They are also able to understand & appreciate the mission.  Our geographic include people from the Kansas City area, patrons from neighboring cities, & states; with the goal to be global.  Accountability & Character  has a value at MY REGION WINS!

City Employees:  

Working 8-10 hours on a job, another 8 (if lucky) to sleep, & the final 6 to 8 hours is dedicated to family, daily needs, & the unexpected.  MY REGION WINS! wants to allow them to come, at their speed, work on their personal goals.  Instead of just working at a place for 25 years, retiring, & then starting on their own company. 
MY REGION WINS! wants to help make that transition smoothly & more importantly a reality.


Entrepreneurs can change the way we live & work.  If successful, their innovations may improve our standard of living, & in addition to creating wealth with their entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs & the conditions for a prosperous society.  MY REGION WINS! believes in the Entrepreneur.  WE NEED YOU!

Local Businesses:

Local companies will be able to have a place to refer their employees to receive help with their dreams.   The company would be showing that they care about their employees.  Wanting them to be the best that they can be. 

Neighborhood Leaders:

​Homes typically increase in value, build equity & provide a nest egg for the future.  MY REGION WINS! realizes that homeowners also better the neighborhoods, communities, & cities they live in.  Being able to assist them keep & better their 'nest egg' is a goal.


The teachers of our future.  The better they are empowered the greater their power of influence becomes.  Teachers are a source of advice for weighing important life decisions.  They help & encourage the youth to pursue higher education, explore career opportunities & compete in events they might otherwise have not thought themselves able to.  MY REGION WINS! feels it is important to cater to our educators in the best way we may.

Senior Citizens:  

Senior Citizens are able to share the past & look to enjoy the 'moments' more.  MY REGION WINS! simply wants to provide help when can & offer different ways to get involved when possible. 

Veterans:  (THANK YOU!) 

Veterans seek that sense of loyalty & wanting to be a part of something that is doing something great.  It's pretty simple.  Good people that have freely chosen to give their life for our freedoms.  MY REGION WINS! is aware that their service is greatly appreciated & wants to help them with their next venture.  It's our duty yes.

Those living with disabilities:  

Gifted, & just wanting to show what they are capable of doing & achieving when given the chance.  Being able to assist others, stand alone, & become confident in one’s own self value is what MY REGION WINS! is all about.


Loved ones in need of care include those suffering from a physical or mental illness, disability, substance misuse or other condition.  In most cases, the primary caregiver is a spouse, partner, parent or adult child.  Caregivers often take on the responsibilities of the patient while still providing for themselves & other family members.  This is why MY REGION WINS! cares to put forth efforts to assist caregivers with their dreams.

College Students:  

Making the change from college into the real world can be hard.  MY REGION WINS! wants to allow college students a chance to be ‘professional’ or receive professional critiques while in school.  Being able to have companies look at them & their works while they are a freshman until they graduate.  Just like in college basketball & football, the athlete is on display for future employees to see.  MY REGION WINS! wants companies to look at MRW! for new hires.


​Artists are important because they are people working hard on projects.  Project may or may not pay off in terms of lasting social utility or making millions.  But if an artist is passionate about their work, they contribute to the pool of things that might inspire us to change the world.  MY REGION WINS! wants to help Artist create.


MRW! encourages all to participate in physical activity.  Physical exercise is good for the mind, body & spirit. 

Team sports help teach adolescents accountability, dedication, leadership & other skills.  Athletics requires a lot of time, energy, memorization, repetition & learning.  Skill sets that are directly relevant to life.  Also, the determination & goal-setting skills required can be transferred as well.  MY REGION WINS! want to help champions.

High School & Junior High Schools Students who care to enter our 5A Program: 
Academics, Arts, Athletics, Awareness & Application.  Over several weeks students will use their multidisciplinary skills, strengthen these skills while learning new skills in order to apply all of their talents into a viable asset in order to better their day to day lives.