In the beginning


It all started with a simple idea.

To help Dreamers.

In 2011 District You LLC was created.  District You was an online networking platform created by MRW! founder Carl Stafford.  The goal was to showcase works from local Artist mainly.  It's hard to get seen & even harder to have someone in your corner trying to help you get seen.  Over the next few years, Carl found himself helping Artist with their photography, video, audio, set-ups & take-downs of projects & acted as a soundboard providing critiques.

Never wanting to charge the Artist for helping them with their dreams, Carl thought/wondered, "Could this be a nonprofit?"  Carl contacted the IRS & asked, "Can I create a nonprofit to help Dreamers pursue their dreams?"  The IRS said, "Yes."  So in 2014, MY REGION WINS! (MRW!) was established as a multidisciplinary (501c3) nonprofit organization; for Dreamers


Upon creating MY REGION WINS! Carl would get asked, "what does your nonprofit do?" & Carl would respond "Help Dreamers  pursue their dreams ."  Carl would get a funny look from the person followed by "what?"  Carl would ask "Do you dream?  Do you have a dream?"  Shockingly most would say they do not have a dream or that their dream is to pay their bills.

Carl continue to help Dreamers for the next 2-years.  One of the things that was realized was that, though there weren't many admitting they were Dreamers there were many that were wanting to help MY REGION WINS! out.  But how?

Projects & Programs is how.

In 2016 MY REGION WINS! obtained a blighted/vacant lot from Land Bank, for Carl keep being asked. "where is your office?"  Normally Carl would meet Dreamers at their place or at the library.  Carl never really liked the feel of having an office.  He wanted more of a studio feel.  Nor did Carl care to rent a place.  Renting a place would cause MY REGION WINS! to have a monthly bill that MRW! was not ready for.  So the idea of obtaining a blighted/vacant lot arose.  Beautifying this area, turning it into a functional-interactive piece of Artwork called 'Boon Area 1' that would act as a contemporary community garden became the goal.  From blight to Boon.  

This would be the 'office' people were asking about.

Through beautification.

  • MY REGION WINS! can help Dreamers & offer those wanting to help a place to meet as well as something to do.  Dreamers will have another meeting place and will be inspired by the idea of Boon Area 1.  Those wanting to help now have an opportunity to be a part of something great.  Using Boon Area 1 as a way to provide Dreamers with a space and those wanting to help many different ways to get involved.


Past, Present, & Future.

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