& Thank yOU!

MY REGION WINS! is quickly growing & so are the cost.


Some of MRW!'s current cost.

  • Property taxes.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Advertising/Marketing/Networking.
  • Events at Boon Area 1.
  • Programs & Projects
  • Travel expenses.

These will increase as we continue to grow.

Future cost include.


  • $500k - $1,000,000


  • $250,000 alotted to each program.

Licensed & Insured.

  • Cost is estimated at around $4,000+ at this time.  

The cost of Boon Area 1.

  • Estimated between $50-$100k to full construct.
  • Monthly bills estimated at $500 a month.

Hosting events workshops, seminars & a festival at Boon Area 1.

  • Estimated between $10-20k for the whole year.

Licensed & insured work & concierge vehicles.

  • Estimated cost $250k.  Gas & maintenance included. 

Obtaining more resources to provide more opportunities for those we serve.

  • Properties, vehicles, equipment, tools, materials, & supplies.


Your generous donations & support helps us to transcend everyday challenges.