Meet the founder, the BOARD, & the TEAM.

MY REGION WINS! is always seeking individuals who care to help us in our mission 'to transcend everyday challenges'.


Founder, Carl Stafford

Born & raised on the west side of the 5th district in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm a Dreamer, & after a short stint ordering supplies for the operating room at Truman Medical Center in 1999, I decided to pursue my dreams & head west to Hollywood...  

Nine months later I was back home taking basic courses at Longview Community College; before receiving a chance to attend the Kansas City Art Institute.

Here is where everything (my life) changed.  I studied & learned about the history of Art.  What Art meant & what it meant to be an Artist.  Receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 I proceeded to work in the educational field teaching a college connection class, digital & traditional art classes for K-8th graders.

Still passionate about my dreams, in 2014 the idea of creating a nonprofit organization for dreamers like myself is how I came up with MY REGION WINS!; for I realized critiques & resources are vital to a Dreamer’s success.

I am grateful to be embarking on this amazing journey with some amazing people who are doing some AMAZING things.

Thank you, & continue to be great yes!

Board & Team




Kathy Cruz 2014 - 2018.

Mike Walker 2014 - 2019.

Jayson Hill 2014 - current.

Jim McGraw 2019 - current.  

Mo McDaniel 2019 - current. 

Iscela Huntington 2019 - current.  

Beverly Watkins 2019 - current.  

Jessica Hays 2019 - current.   

Tarik Hopkins 2019 - current. 

Keyana Winston 2019 - current.  

Robert Woods Jr. 2019 - current. 

Nena Parrish 2019 - current. 




Joy Ellsworth, Secretary 

Lynn Minor, Treasurer 

Keith McHudson

L.I.F.E. Ministries Summer Camp 

Founder & Camp Leader

Debbie Fleetwood 

Fleetwood Backyard Farmacy

Founder & Director