Meet the founder, the BOARD, & the TEAM.

MY REGION WINS! is always seeking individuals who care to help us in our mission 'to transcend everyday challenges' yes.

Picture taken Summer 2016

Born & raised on the west side of the 5th district in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm a Dreamer, & after a short stint ordering supplies for the operating room at Truman Medical Center in 1999, I decided to pursue my dreams & head west to Hollywood...  

Nine months later I was back home taking basic courses at Longview Community College; before receiving a chance to attend the Kansas City Art Institute.

Here is where everything (my life) changed.  I studied & learned about the history of Art.  What Art meant & what it meant to be an Artist.  Receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 I proceeded to work in the educational field teaching a college connection class, digital & traditional art classes for K-8th graders.  Still passionate about my dreams, in 2014 the idea of creating a nonprofit organization for dreamers (like myself) is how I came up with MY REGION WINS!; for I realized critiques & resources are vital to a Dreamer’s success.

That's why I say.  "If your Bruce Wayne has a Batman, let MY REGION WINS! be your Alfred." 

I am grateful to be embarking on this amazing journey with some amazing people who are doing some AMAZING things.

Thank you, & continue to be great yes!

Carl Stafford

Founder, Resident Artist, Senior Creative Genius, & Lead Conceptual Specialist.

Current Board members

Jayson Hill

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, I have a background in the Information Technology (IT) field spanning many years. As someone who had help in facilitating my dream of working in the IT field, I see MY REGION WINS! as a facilitator in making the dreams of members of the community come true, which is why I decided to be a part of team Carl has put together. 

Board Member since 2014. 

Jim McGraw

Jim has lived in the Kansas City area for approximately 25 years.  Currently Jim is semi-retired after working in the counseling field for over 38 years, most recently at MCC-Longview College & Webster University-Kansas City.  his primary community involvement has been with environmentally-related activities associated with the not for profit agency, Bridging The Gap.  

While volunteering at Bridging the Gap, Jim worked with Carl Stafford & learned about the mission and work of MY REGION WINS!.  "I was impressed with many aspects of this organization, including the overall vision, the concrete activities, & leadership provided by Carl.  I look forward to the continued success of MY REGION WNINS! & hope to support its efforts by becoming personally involved."  Jim says. 

Board Member since 2019

Mo McDaniel

Mo McDaniel is a Health and Wellness Enthusiast.  Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor,  Classroom Instructor for Wellspring  School of Allied Health.

Mo's interests are assisting with community wellness collaborations, yoga, restorative stretch, reading & binge watching shows on Netflix.

Mo's interest in MY REGION WINS! is that she believes in the mission statement and the energy around it.  Looking forward to providing movement instruction, on-site to increase awareness for MY REGION WINS!.

Board Member since 2019.   

Iscela Huntington

I am a critical thinker, a philosopher, a student, a teacher, an immigrant, a firm believer that independence comes before interdependence can truly flourish in a community. Foremost I am a mom. My background is in Strategic Human Resources (BS in Business Admin with a minor in Economics). Currently, in Kansas City Property and Project Management take up my days and my work with the developmentally disabled round out my nights. A life long volunteers, and believer of action I answered an ad and met Carl. Immediately I felt his pure desire to provide a place for individual dreams to come together and grow as a community. I hope to see the space no walls can hold.

Board Member since 2019.  

Debbie Fleetwood

Ms. Fleetwood comes with a long list of varied skills, including education in Sociology and Interior Design.  Debbie has seven years of property management experience, ten years in federal tax law and administration, and eight years as an entrepreneur and business administrator in the entertainment/nightclub industry.  Ms. Fleetwood is currently building a community-focused business to help educate and facilitate sustainability through gardening and nutrition called Fleetwood Backyard Farmacy.  Debbie has spent her life focusing on helping those in need and has an undying passion to uplift others. She eagerly looks forward to bringing her skills and passion to the board of MY REGION WINS!

Board Member since 2019.

Beverly Watkins

I am part owner of Watkins & Watkins International LLC which is a property management company; that I share ownership with my son.

We also have a Booking Agency where we are always promoting new upcoming artists. I am a Kansas City native so my community is where my heart is. I have always been willing to give back & help out in the best way that I can! I have a non-profit origination (siSTARS OF MAʻAT). We are a sorority of females for social purposes. 

I joined MY REGION WINS! because I love its purpose in life.

So I'm here to see MY REGION WIN!

Board Member since 2019.  

Jessica Hays

I'm a musician, artist, and educator working in the Developmental Disability field for almost a decade.  Working at Imagine That!, and innovated creative art studio for adults with disabilities, during the week and with another local non-profit to provide art classes to DD adults on the weekends. 

Meeting Carl though Imagine That!, it was clear that his goal was to lift others up and that is something that I strives to do as well.

Board Member since 2019.

Tarik Hopkins

I am a Veteran who served in the US Army 1st Calvary division. I came home in 1995 where I raised my 2 daughters in my community.  I am a comedian (Tai Fu Panda) of TVOC (THE VETERANS OF COMEDY) we travel spreading laughter throughout the world.  I give back to my community by helping with feeding the less fortunate; the comedy shows that I am a part of proceeds go to help with the TINY HOMES FOR VETERANS.  I am a board member of MY REGION WINS! because I enjoy helping & giving back the best way that God points me to do so.  And MY REGION WINS! does that for people who need help & so do I.

Board Member since 2019.  

Keyana Winston

Passionate about giving back in any way possible.  Keyana comes from a background of Service & Hospitality and understands the importance of the needs on the west-side of the 5th District.  Being adaptable is key for her.  Growing up in the predominantly family neighborhood herself; she would like to keep the integrity of the neighborhood by providing a space to discuss ideas monthly with like-minded individuals.  Keyana shares the same vision to collaborate with more dreamers; assisting those 'Dreamers' in their journey. 

Board Member since 2019. 

Robert Woods Jr.

A native of Dardanelle Arkansas where after graduating from Dardanelle High School he attended Arkansas Tech University in Russellville Arkansas where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Wellness Science while playing collegiate football at the same time. Robert went on to attend The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where he earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Science.  Finally, Robert came back to Arkansas Tech University where he earned another Master’s degree in College Administration.  Through his connections in college, Robert decided to pursue a career in food management by moving to Kansas City Missouri and working for Waffle House Management in 2012.

Although Robert learned a great deal by working in the food industry for 4 years he wanted to expand his experience in customer service and community involvement which lead to him getting a job with the City of Kansas City Missouri Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department as a Special Projects Coordinator.  Since working for the city Robert has had countless opportunities to be deeply involved in many community aspects of cleanups, contracts, and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Robert’s goal in life is to help make Kansas City Missouri the best it can be by putting the residents first and delivering the best resources possible second.

Board Member since 2019.